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Behind the scenes 

Arvydas Rancevas creates jewelry from gold, silver, brass, copper, titanium, platinum, combining them with various precious and semi-precious stones. He draws inspiration from nature, mythology, fantasy-style literature, and art. These pieces are characterized by neo-romantic aesthetics, spontaneous intuition, free artistic form, transcendent worldview. Jewelry created by A. Rancevas often performs the function of a mascot, an amulet. All the author's works are unique. They combine luxurious elegance, rich ornamental gamut, fantastic motifs, and enchanting plasticity. While the jeweler should be preserved as the creator, revealing the author’s ideas, in any and pre-ordering exclusive jewelry, the emphasis is on the individuality of the customer. Enchanting, subtly aristocratic luxury, professional handmade jewelry made with the most sophisticated techniques, has fascinated followers of A. Rancevas work for many decades and has spread all over the world from Europe to the USA.

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